SideContact: People In Context, On the Sidewalks of the Web

At SideContact we're building a social medium to make people visible to each other on the web.

The web is like a great online city we all live in. But unlike a city in the real world, in cyberspace we can't see each other. You and I might be reading the exact same New York Times article, or looking at the exact same product on, but we'd never know it, because we're invisible to each other.

At SideContact we believe that people ought to be able to make themselves visible to each other, anywhere they go on the web. They ought to be able to meet up on any page, talk together, and move around together.

SideContact is a browser enhancement which adds human presence to every page on the web. Turn it on, and you're visible to other people you choose, right on the pages you are browsing together. SideContact users can find each other online, rendezvous on the same page, talk via text or face-to-face video chat, and then "walk and talk" together as they follow each other from page to page.

What will you use SideContact for? I used it to help my daughter, who lives in another state, buy a car. We hunted together on Craigs List and car dealerships; we checked out the Kelly Blue Book prices; we got the car she bought registered and insured. We talked the whole time. SideContact kept a history of our conversation over several days, with all the pages we'd talked about, so we didn't have to bother with bookmarks or sending each other links. It was much easier and more fun with SideContact.