SideContact: People In Context, On the Sidewalks of the Web

SideContact is in BETA TEST and currently available BY INVITATION ONLY from someone already using it. You must use the Google Chrome browser to use SideContact during the beta period. If you reached this page from an invitation you received, you’ll need to start the Chrome browser and click on the invitation link again (or copy and paste the link into the Chrome address bar if Chrome is not your default browser). If you don't have Google Chrome installed yet, you can download and install it from Google.

Using SideContact

SideContact is a browsing enhancement that makes people visible to each other, by mutual consent, as they browse the web. SideContact adds small sidewalks on the edges of the web pages where your friends are visible when they're browsing the same page. By clicking a friend’s picture, you can chat with them and move together from website to website. SideContact lets you and your friends rendezvous on the same page, and then walk and talk together all over the web.

Read about why we’re building SideContact.

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For an invitation to install SideContact, send an email message to

Read more about what SideContact does and how it works.

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